Chrysler Pacifica Named Best Minivan to Buy for Fourth Year Running

Three Fiat-Chrysler models recently earned recognition from the online magazine The Car Connection, winning top scores in their respective categories. The most notable win was by the Chrysler Pacifica, which was named Best Minivan to Buy for the fourth year in a row. The two other winners were the Jeep® Grand Cherokee (Best SUV) and Ram 1500 (Best Truck). Both were first-time recipients of this award.

The editors of The Car Connection drove over 100 vehicles in order to choose the best on the market, rating models based on their ability to meet the wide range of needs car shoppers have. From fuel economy and safety to value and overall affordability, the editors took everything into account.

“The Chrysler Pacifica sets the bar for minivans with its flexible interior and its crisp styling,” said Martin Padgett, editorial director of Internet Brands Automotive, publishers of The Car Connection. “The unsung hero in the lineup is the plug-in hybrid, with its excellent fuel economy and forward-thinking powertrain.”

The editors also noted that the Grand Cherokee scored particularly well when it came to performance both on and off the road, including the Trailhawk and Trackhawk editions, while the Ram 1500 won because it has better capabilities than the competition. And, for the editors, there’s little point in buying a truck if it can’t tow and haul like the Ram 1500.

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Vehicle Body Styles: What’s the Difference?

Shopping for a new car? One of the first things you’ll need to narrow down is which type of vehicle type is right for you. These include trucks, SUV, and sedans, but there are also some basic distinctions that many car shoppers are unfamiliar with. For instance, what’s the difference between and SUV or a crossover? What distinguishes a sedan from a hatchback or coupe?

According to Car and Bike, the differences between a sedan, hatchback, and coupe has to do with space and exterior design. A hatchback often has the most cargo space, as the trunk connects to the cabin and opens upward like a liftgate (hatchbacks are often called five-door models). A sedan has four doors, and a coupe has two, though the actual distinction between the two is rear seating volume: A sedan has at least 33 cubic feet of interior space, but a coupe has less than that.

The distinction between an SUV and crossover is a little less clear, often because many manufacturers use the terms interchangeably. However, an SUV is technically built on a truck platform, with the body and chassis as separate components. A crossover has a unibody design, which means the body and chassis are connected (it’s usually a car platform, too). SUVs are more rugged, but crossovers are more efficient.

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